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Drinking Martinis

If you’re looking for a fun activity for a girls’ night out, bachelorette parties, or just general entertainment, then look no further, Secret Desires has got you covered

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Secret Desires
Adult Board Game

A Game You Can’t Resist

Looking for the perfect way to spend a hot, steamy night with friends?


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Players?

Easily Play With Friends – The board game plays up to 6 people.

Is the game structured?

Customize The Experience – Create your own rules with special black cards and bend the game to your whim. After all, flexibility is always a good trait to have. 

When I play what should I be ready for?

Explore Your Sexuality – You should be ready to laugh and learn a few things about yourself and your friends. Play the game with an open mind and no judgment. After the game, those desires may not be so secret. Play if you dare.

Am I only allowed to use the game pieces?

Bring Your Own Toys – Turn the heat up to eleven by adding more props and make the game more interesting and exciting to play. The more, the merrier! 

What event should I book this at?

This game is great for girls’ night in, bachelorette parties, couples game night, or general entertainment. Whichever way you “swing” it, this is the game to help satisfy your curiosity and hidden desires.

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