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Success Beyond Your Circumstance 

A Journey to inner peace & freedom from the past.


Broken Trust (Trilogy Book 1)

Tracey is a devoted wife, mother, and friend. She has a wonderful family, a rich social life, great kids, and a successful business. She has an idyllic life…that is until it was not.


Once her perfect world comes crashing down, she is dealt an emotional blow that rocks her world to its core. A blow that leaves her vengeful and focused on making sure no one else experiences the pain she has been dealt.

We all know the old saying “if it looks to good to be true, then it probably is”. Tracey will find out just how true that statement is in the worst way possible. She will need to fight to keep her sanity and make a decision she never thought she’d have to make.  Join her on this emotional journey of love, self-discovery and…Broken Trust.

Secret Desires (Volume 1)

On The Outside, 34-year-old Jasmine and her 41-year-old husband, John, have the perfect relationship.

She is a teacher and he is one of the top IT engineers at his job. Deep down they each crave more and both are willing to do whatever it takes to spice up their boring relationship.  When Jasmine discovers new sexual urges she instantly transforms from a school teacher to a sex goddess.  Realizing that having independence is a worthwhile experience with unlimited pleasure.


Gorgeous Gangstas

Three strong-willed young women took everything in their path that they ever wanted.  Coming from different cities and walks of life, Deja “DJ” Jackson, Feby “Finesse” Carter, and Winter “Win” White were exactly what each other needed.  While the ladies had legitimate jobs, they also secured additional income the fast way.

From scamming through bank accounts and swiping merchandise on other people’s expenses, their pockets and accounts were never empty.  Love wasn’t a priority for any of them but, as time went on, men started to penetrate their way into Win and Finesse’s lives.  As a scorned woman, DJ didn’t believe in romance nor did she feel the girls needed to focus on it either.


So, she kept them busy chasing the bag.  Life was great and everyone was getting money, including those around them.  Unexpectedly, a small incident turned into a nightmare for one of the people in their circle, which meant a potential nightmare for the whole crew.

Despite DJ’s take on love, do Win and Finesse allow the guys in?   Is there enough willpower between them to overcome what was coming their way? Find out in the pages of “Gorgeous Gangstas”.

Sex Therapy

Ella is a successful therapist with the world at her feet. From the outside looking in, she has an idyllic life. However, looks can be deceiving. She’s trapped in a loveless marriage.


The need for excitement and to feel desired forces her into the arms of a younger man and the encounter turns her world upside down.

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